About 3D Business

3D Business or 3DB has been delivering business projects since 1995. We have worked in, managed, or directed all business project roles required to deliver business projects.

We have worked with the leading professional services firms and leading software companies. We have used all leading methods and designed methodologies, tools, templates and techniques.

We know the business of project management and delivery area intimately.
The problem at hand is that the business project failure rates continue to increase to this day. Some say as much as 70% fail to reach their objectives.

To help alleviate this problem we share our skills and experience through our tool set. This is delivered with the support of our management consultants and trainers to help you deliver your business projects successfully with reduced risk and cost.

Our network of skilled management consultants, project leaders and trainers will be delighted to help you, we are committed to reducing the failure rate of business projects.

Find out more about our approach and how it is embedded in everything we do

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