The 3D Business Project Management Approach

At 3D Business, while delivering or helping to deliver business projects, we maintain a focus on the business as usual (BAU) and its continued delivery of goods and services to customers.

We are always mindful of the business stack, the machinery of the business that works every day to deliver goods and services to customers.



While mobilising and delivering projects, we never lose sight of this and the fact that it needs to continue every day. We know that our project(s) will innovate and develop this “business stack” (See illustration, stacked process, people and system) or the machinery of business (See illustration, machinery of business with inputs and outputs) that it represents. We know that this innovation (business project) must be done carefully to preserve and ultimately enhance the business as usual capability.

Business Machine

We carefully distinguish business projects from business as usual and carefully manage the intersects and interactions.

While distinguished, they are not isolated, the business projects work in conjunction with business as usual in an integrated manner. (See illustration, Business innovation Projects). This understanding is embedded in all our products and services.

BAU vs Projects

The business project runs most effectively when distinguished from business as usual. There are impacts on business as usual but when understood and managed, they can be mitigated effectively.

The 3D approach to business projects addresses fundamentals. It is based on project critical success factors (CSF) that have been identified from 25 years of delivering successful projects. These factors are monitored through the life of the project and remedial action is taken whenever required. As a result, projects get delivered successfully. This 3D approach is method neutral so you can use any method(s) of your choosing in conjunction. These methods include Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Waterfall, PYMBOK and Prince.

The 3D Project Management Approach addresses the four pillars or stages of all business projects

  1. The Idea. This is where an idea for a business project is established.
  2. The Assessment. This is where the idea is validated. The project has a business case to secure funding and a plan for delivery is prepared.
  3. The delivery. This is where the design, construction and implementation is completed.
  4. The completion. This is where the solution is handed over to business as usual and the benefits are realised

3D Business Project Framework

3DB Project Management Framework

The 3D approach is built to deliver holistic business solutions. That is, it is not just designed to deliver information technology or information systems. This limited delivery happens frequently and can be a factor in the high business project failure statistic. If a business project is limited to delivering an IT system when a business outcome is expected, business stakeholders are often disappointed and more importantly the business can be disrupted or fail. The 3D Business approach delivers holistic business solutions that include information technology.The completion. This is where the solution is handed over to business as usual and the benefits are realised

By ensuring that our business projects properly address the process, people and systems dimensions, we guarantee that the machinery of the enterprise is properly maintained, developed and innovated. We secure holistic business outcomes with tangible business benefits

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